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Chula Vista’s Got Talent Contest


Xavier the X-Man will be hosting the Finale of Chula Vista's Got Talent! Come down for the Finale on July 26th at 7 pm to see the best of the best perform.

Chula Vista's Got Talent 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to the finalists in the 2018 Chula Vista’s Got Talent Contest! 

The public is invited to attend the Finals on Thursday, July 26 at 7 p.m. at Terra Nova Plaza to cheer for the amazing performers.

Judges will select winners at the Thursday Finals.  First place winner will get a front of line ticket to audition for Season 14 of America’s Got Talent and two tickets to attend one of this season’s live shows. Second place winner gets $300 and third place winner gets $200. 

Solo Performance Finalists:

Janel Acan

Joelle Advento

Jalaena Alcala

Billy Allen

Marlene Baldonado

Rogelio Cervantes

Eliana Cortes

Charisma Gallegos

Mercedes Gonzalez

Arthur M. Gramata

Valeria Hernandez Blake

Miranda Martinez

Miguel Palacios

Mardie Pimentel

Eduardo “Eddie” Pintado

Damien Porter

Grecia Rojas Hugo Gutierrez

Bianca Schmid

Michelle Vazquez-Hernandez

Duos and Group Performance Finalists: 

Lyrical Ballet: Sabrina Carle-Parre, Katalina Luna, Gabrielle Meng & Katelyn Moser

Musicans/Dancers: Maria Jose & Ember Avila Mejia

New Dawn Band: Grady Eibel, Adrian Lacsamana & Jaime Martinez

St. Rose of Lima Glee: Victoria Burquez, Vanessa Castillo, Sophia Cespedes,

Amaya Cespedes, Alexandra De Lagrave, Natalia Fuentes, Sofia Godoy, Mercedes Gonzalez, Hugo Gutierrez, Isabella La Falce & Viviana Oliveros,

Contestant Entry Form

Performer's Information (name, email and phone number).
Groups submitting an entry form online must prepare an entry form/release form for each performer.

3-5 p.m.
5-7 p.m.
7-9 p.m.

Terra Nova Plaza

Chula Vista's Got Talent

Contestant Liability & Release Form

Submit complete Entry Form and Liability & Release Form on Terra Nova Plaza on this page or bring to either Audition on July 12th in the parking lot at Terra Nova Plaza.

Download Entry and Liability Forms

I agree to, and understand the following, regarding my entry, or my child’s entry, in the 3rd Annual Chula Vista’s Got Talent contest at Terra Nova Plaza:

    • I/My child has permission to enter and I grant Terra Nova Plaza, NewMark Merrill Inc. and NBC/7 a royalty-free, perpetual license to use images or videos of me/my child for any promotional, publicity purposes.
    • I release and hold harmless Terra Nova Plaza, NewMark Merrill Inc., NBC/7, and Very Special Events, their partners, shareholders, officers, directors, licensees, employees, lessees, customers, agencies, sponsors and representatives (“Indemnified Parties”) against and from any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, penalties, suits, claims, damages or injuries of any kind, by either me/my child, while on the property, or participating in the contest.
    • I attest that I/my child resides in Chula Vista, California and will bring proof of residence to Audition.
    • I agree that Chula Vista’s Got Talent Semi Finalists, Finalists and Winners selection by judges is final.
    • Chula Vista’s Got Talent is a contest created and produced by Terra Nova Plaza and has NO relationship, endorsement or connection with America’s Got Talent, a television show. The front of line audition pass and two tickets to attend a live America’s Got Talent show grand prize is being awarded by Terra Nova Plaza in partnership with NBC/7.